my coaching style

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This is about changing your lifestyle.

I do not provide “quick fixes”. I am looking for clients who are willing to make lasting changes to their life, not crash diet for a few weeks for a special event.

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You must be willing to commit to a minimum of 3 months of coaching.

This does not guarantee that you will see the results you desire in 3 months, but that is the minimum amount of time you should be willing to commit to your goal. This will allow us time to develop better habits and form a solid foundation of education surrounding nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.If you are not able to commit to 3 months of coaching, physically, mentally and financially, I will not be able to accept your application.

Competitors: I will require a minimum of 6 months of working together before starting a contest prep diet. Exceptions may be made for experienced athletes or those who I see fit to begin a diet sooner.(Note: Payments may be made in monthly installments, but you must agree to pay for a full 3 months upon consultation.)

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There is a focus on habit building and gradual change.

Depending on where you are at in your journey, there may be a lot of changes to make. We will focus on implementing just a couple, maybe even just one, new habit(s) at a time to ensure success.Everyone moves at a different pace but there is always an emphasis on solidifying one or a few changes at a time in an effort to sustain them.

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I emphasize building a better relationship with food.

Do you have to cook 100% of your meals at home? No.  Do you need to be willing to prepare the majority (>50%) of your meals at home? Ideally, yes.

We cannot expect to develop a better relationship with food and consistently be consuming food that we have little to no connection with.I advocate for a primarily whole food diet with flexibility to add in other sources to promote sustainability and enjoyment.

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Your health is my priority.

Many come to me looking to improve their physique but, from a health perspective, are not in an advantageous place to properly do so. Understand that I will not compromise your health in order to achieve an aesthetic goal and that we may need to spend 3-6+ months improving health prior to shifting focus to solely physique-related goals.

This does not mean that visual improvements cannot be made during this time, however, that should not be the primary expectation if health is presently compromised.

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Communication is key.

All of my most successful clients are great communicators. They let me know when they need help, when they are struggling and how I can better serve them. In order for me to best coach you, you need to communicate your needs, desires and concerns.